Car Hire in India

Mode of travel in India

India the country is a developing nation but has a rather good connectivity to various parts via air, rail and by road. In order to explore one can opt for any one of the means of travel as all three are hassle free and provide a good experience of travelling.

Travelling by any of the three means has its own lead for instance one with a rigid schedule has to opt for air travel to explore the place around but is comparatively more on the costlier side. Travelling by car in India has edge over the other two because it allows one to explore the culture and diversity of the place in the way and offers the most comfortable and travellers can also halt at different location to experience the food and nature of different places in the way as India is rich in both.

Traveller who intend to explore India and would like to travel by road can hire car in India in advance according to the days one needs them in order to reach and travel in and around the Indian cities. Cars and buses are available for as low as 2 to up to about like 50-60 people. Generally tour provider rent car in India during the course of designing the tour according to number of people travelling and other factors like comfort of the travellers. If one is travelling without any tour planner, he or she can hire car by simply contacting online via mail or by simply on a call. More than five people can rent a private bus as they are also competent for more or less all the journeys.

Hired car will come with an English speaking experienced driver and one may or may not opt for a tour guide.

Available tourist cars in India

TOYOTA INNOVA/TOYOTA INNOVA CRYSTA – This is a semi luxury SUV. Car is 7 seated including the driver and has good amount of boot space and is comfortable also.

SUZUKI SWIFT DZIRE – It can accommodate 3 travellers and is a hatchback. This is the most budget friendly car one can hire in India.

TOYOTA ETIOS – This is also a 3+1 seated hatchback and is comparatively more spacious than the immediate above one.

TOYOTA FORTUNER – This is a luxury SUV by Toyota and is preferred by those who intend to spend more on travel in order to have a better experience.

TEMPO TRAVELLER – These are a type of minibus which generally have capacity of around 10-15 people.

PRIVATE BUS – These are buses which are small than a full size bus but are bigger and more spacious than tempo travellers. These have a capacity ranging from a dozen to some 20 odd seats. These generally have push back seats on offer.

VOLVO COACH – Volvo coaches are full size buses which have most accommodation capacity of travellers on all the vehicle which run on road. Large tour group which have upwards of 25 people till about 50-60 people can hire it.

Premium Cars – If one desires to hire premium brand car for additional comfortable ride cars from top brands like Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc are also available but are comparatively on a higher side in terms of costing.

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