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The Concept of India Ayurvedic Tours

Apart from the problems mentioned above, lay people have increasingly come to realize that Ayurveda offers enormous relief in case of ailments related to stress, metabolism related or in case of various chronic problems. Moreover, in post-operative cases or after undergoing chemo-therapy, Ayurveda brings can be highly beneficial, apart from geriatric debility or in case of cosmetic needs.

As systematic Ayurvedic cure is not easily available in western countries, there has been an effort in India to reinvent the Ayurveda and seek to adapt it to modern needs through development of Ayurvedic Resorts or Ayurvedic Spas. Many ancient Ayurvedic texts mention the concept of Kalpa Kuti, where a patient suffering acute, chronic, or extremely aggravated problems was asked to come and live in highly controlled conditions under the direct supervision and watchful eyes of an expert Vaidya. This regimen led to Kaya Kalpaa meaning renewal of the body to prolong youth and vigour, revitalizing the old patients. As per the ancient texts, this strict regimen was used for complete rejuvenation of the patientas physical system by first purifying all internal and external physical processes through the use of Panchakarma to make the person ideally receptive to the main treatment. The Panchakarma comprises of –

Vaman (Emesis) – a process of induced therapeutic vomiting to eliminate waste or toxic matters from the stomach or lungs
Virechan (Purgation) – to eliminate all waste or toxic matter from the intestines
Vasti (Enema) – to eliminate toxins from colons and to strengthen its tissues
Nasyam (Application of Herbal Medicines through Nose) – for elimination of waste or toxins affecting the body above the neck
Raktamokshan (Blood-Letting) – letting out vitiated blood

However, all these are advanced Ayurvedic interventions to be applied under the expert, watchful eye of a highly specialized Vaidya. These methods are preceded by the Poorvakarmaa – preparatory activities.
Once the Panchakarma is completed, it is followed up by the main treatment. During all this process, the patient is required to follow a strict dietary practice, where even the food is prepared under direct supervision of the master Vaidya, and no laxity in food habits is allowed.

Recommended Season

As per convention and scriptures, the ideal time for initiating this programme is during the rainy season, i.e., during June to September, when the atmosphere is free of dust and the environment cool and moist.


As at present, the Ayurvedic resorts offering complete and dependable Ayurvedic cure are available in Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, and Uttarakhand. However, Kerala offers the best option, as it has a long tradition of Ayurvedic specialization.

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