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Most often than not, an international tourist landing at New Delhi airport is certain to have already fixed his mind on visiting Agra to have a glimpse of the ravishing Taj Mahal and then to proceed to Rajasthan. The itinerary is fixed to include Rajasthan tours and as the Taj Mahal, rather Agra, often appears to be an isolated wonder with no comparable site in the vicinity; quite often the tours to Rajasthan are able to elegantly satiate the gnawing urge in a mind lusting for more of the grandeur and exquisite beauty of the Taj Mahal. This factor is almost an axiomatic truth of north India travel tourism. However, once in Rajasthan, the appetite is whetted endlessly as the state has such a magnificent range to offer from innumerable majestic forts and castles to the inimitable glory of plebeian Pushkar tourism.

Rajasthan, the land of valiant Rajput kings is a fabled land of the tales of heroic deeds, chivalry, valiant chieftains sacrificing themselves and their kingdoms for the sake of their autonomy and dignity and beautiful women perishing enmasse for the sake of their honor. Romance is in the air at every step and the bleak desert scenario is comprehensively compensated with a riot of colors to an extent which is beyond comprehension. The vibrant local culture assaults once senses with a wide array of kaleidoscopic images and events with desolate deserts and lush green forests, sedate camel caravans to ferocious tigers on the prowl, awe inspiring architecture to glittering jewels, flamboyant palace art to lilting folk music of the wandering minstrels on a moonlit night amidst desert silence – there is no end to sensory adventure in this state which appears to be celebrating life at any given moment through its almost endless festivals and fairs.

Rajasthan – Udaipur Tourism

In this incredibly color conscious state pink represents the state capital Jaipur, while blue embodies the spirit of its biggest city Jodhpur located just at the edge of the Thar Desert, whereas Jaisalmer, the desert city boasts of a flaming golden sandcastle as its USP. Talking of colors, one cannot ignore Pushkar which offers an insurgence of colors on your senses rising suddenly from a dreary desert scenario, where camel safaris on a moon lit night through tiny colorful villages will invade your senses for a life time. On the face of it, the Pushkar Camel Fair commemorates a deeply religious occasion, which has over the years assumed an added significance when camel farmers from the surround region gather to offer their surplus camel, horses and cattle in trade. However, as an add-on, the occasion has over the decades assumed a really festive spirit with the participants introducing the colorfully bedecked camels to various fierce competitions in a series of sporting events. The farmers arrive in their colorful turbans while their women come in tow in their festive best in colorful garments and ethnic jewelry. Closely following in their footsteps, the entire handicraft industry of the state with its mind-boggling range and variety is in attendance with their stalls full of ethnic merchandise. Thus the fair revolves around almost 50,000 camels with more than 200,000 people attending to witness the extravaganza. What takes the cake is that the entire celebration is people-driven, instead of it being the handiwork of state tourism department.

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