Taj Majal in Agra

Taj Mahal is expression of supreme beauty build in white marble under Mughals. Complete architecture of the building of Taj is very unique but symmetry in each corner makes it incredulous. The main part of Taj is the tomb; on the four corners of the tomb four minarets are placed. The graves are at the lower side in the main chamber houses. The cylindrical shaped dome of the Taj is a brilliant feature of the architecture.

Taj Mahal gardens are the wonderful element of the monument. Surrounding of the Taj Mahal has pathway that divided gardens in four quarters. A marble water tank called Hawd al-Kawtharlay from the gateway to tomb, where get the reflection of mausoleum. These four green gardens in complex of Taj put more liveliness and blue sky gives a perfect background to the incredible monument.

The complex is surrounded by three walls of red stone. There are some other mausoleums which are of other wives of Shah Jahan. At the end of the complex there are two red stone buildings, which are exactly similar. One is mosque and other is called Jawab referred as guest house.

There is a great art work in the monument that adds more charm in the beauty. Internal part of the Taj Mahal has complete traditional touch in the work of building. Internal side of the tomb is of octagon shape structure. Inside octagon marble walls has Jali work, it is just unique & fine artwork form. All the work on marble walls has flower and fruit designs. Decoration of the monument shows the different art work on the marble and red stone. Carving, painting, pietra dura and lapidary of precious and semiprecious gemstones are all these work art form used in the decoration of the amazing beauty of Taj.