Taj tour in India is not a surprising term for tourists but many visitors closely miss out the great attractions that may make Taj visit a memorable experience by adding extra value of surprising entertainment and spirituality. This post is intended to make your Taj visits more meaningful and optimized.


There would hardly be anyone with interest in North India tourism, who is unfamiliar with Tajmahal at Agra but there are many, who take it just a gem like monument made of quality white marble. In this post, I am going to make out some interesting points that will make the sense of Tajmahal tours more exciting and encouraging.

Tourists usually see two identical buildings on each side of Taj but the focus remains only upon the beauty of Taj, and it is but natural for anyone. These two similar looking side buildings have great importance for those who have faith in almighty. Made of quality red sandstone, both of these are mosques. The mosque at left side of Taj has opening towards the west; it is a good place to take blessings of Allaha while on Tamahal tour. It sanctifies Taj as well as faces Mecca. The mosque on other side is not used for prayer; it is known as Jawab.

Many of one day Agra tour package buyers miss a grant event very closely. Taj Mahotsav or Taj festival is an annual event that is organized at grand scale with special focus to attract international tourists. This gala event, usually organized in February, brings unique international recognization for Agra. During this period, tourists Indian and international both are greeted with special treats like concession in entry fees, free rides and special entertainment shows etc.

Numbers of North India tour operators offer one day Taj tour by luxury cars, vans, buses or train. Taking on a car tour is best option for the tourists in group of 2 to 4. If the group has 8-12 members, van tours are good with car like comfort. Normally, car and van travel from Delhi to Agra takes almost equal time; but bus tour is economy mode of Agra tourism. It is a better choice for 2 days Agra-Mathura-Vrindavan tour.




Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi

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