A county which has lot of diversity but the harmony in their heartyou can see only in India. Tours and travel in India shows the different cultures of the different states in India. Each state has its own exclusive and very graceful culture. Most of the foreigners visit India to explore the diversity in cultures of the country. Due these different cultures in India, makes it as matchless tourism attraction around the world. People of the county treat the tourists as God and shower all the colors of their culture. It will bring flood of tourists to the India.

Indian cuisine is also worldwide famous and another leading attraction of tourist. Indian cuisine work as magnet pulls the food lovers. There is big diversity in Indian cuisine; according to the weather conditions of the states of country test get changed. Indian cuisine is famous for spices which are used in it. Each state will give haunting aroma and yummy flavors, which will fulfill test desire. Indian cuisine will be the hypnotizing experience of the Indian food.

Geographical and weather also has huge diversity in the country. There are so many mountains, valleys, rivers, hills and beaches you can see in India. Dance and music are also the allure of the country. Every state has their own dance and music style and famous as folk dance and music of the state. Apart from Indian culture and cuisine, Tours in India will explore you great variation in language, spirituality, religions, festivals, clothing, sports and sculpture. Indian is famous for its traditional art and craft. Paintings, sculptures and architectures in India are the most fascinatingfeatures of tourism in India. Taj Mahal is of the seven wonders of worlds attracts good numberaround the world.