Hard work is the key to success. Working hard and enjoying once in a while are the mantra for a healthy mind and soul. In order to enjoy the first thought one has is to explore the world and know culture and heritage of different place around the globe. One such country which is full of culture and heritage is India the land of multiple religions and various languages.

India has many destinations which are a must visits and Taj Mahal is one such place. Listed as one of the seven wonder of the world is the symbol of love which signifies that death can only separate two bodies but the souls can never be separated. Made by Shah Jahan the fifth Mughal ruler in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal in the 17th century AD. It is a mausoleum which portrays the richness of Hindustan the modern day India in the field of science and architecture.

It is made up of white marble monument built by over 22000 labourers over a period of 17 years from 1631 AD to 1648 AD. Often referred to as the ‘onion dome’ is a whooping 115 feet high and is surrounded by four other domes. The Taj also houses the remains of the Mughal king Shah Jahan and his twentieth wife Mumtaz Mahal. Taj is also referred as the world heritage site by the UNESCO. Inside the periphery there is a mosque known as the Kau Ban mosque made up of red sandstone and also there are Taj garden in front of the Taj in which one can sit and relax while experiencing the fauna.

Taj mahal is situated at the south bank of the holy river Ganga in the state of Uttar pradesh (UP).The entry fee of Taj is INR 50 for tourist having international passport and INR 5 for Indians. The Taj is very easy to reach and can be visited via train or road. International visitors may take flight to IGI airport in New Delhi which is the capital of the country and can book a train from Delhi Cantt railway station to Agra Cantt railway station which is 4 miles from Taj Mahal. Outside both the air and railway station there are taxies available which solve the problem of connectivity to reach Taj Mahal or the railway station.

Another alternate is booking a ride from the airport to Taj Mahal and car or couches will be available depending on the number of tourist. All kinds and sizes of buses and cars having seating capacity ranging from 2 up to 50 can be arranged for stress free and comfortable journey to the Taj in order to make the tourist enjoy the beauty and cherish it for a lifetime. The couches are clean and hygienic. Professional and leanest tour guide are also available if one wishes to indulge in knowing the history of places alongside enjoying the cinematic scene of the Taj Mahal. Visitors can also visit the city of Fatehpur Sikri which is in the west of Agra founded by Akbar the third Mughal ruler in the 16th century AD .It is a small city with structures like the Jama Masjid(mosque) and Fatehpur Sikri fort which generally can be visited in a day. Jama mosque has entrance known as Buland Darwaza which means high gates due to their 54 metre height and the mosque also has another structure known as Sheikh Salim Chisti Tomb in its courtyard which is believed to fulfil all wishes of a devotee if wished pure heart which make it one of the most sought after and most visited pilgrimage site in Indian subcontinent people from all religions from within and outside the country visit to seek peace of mind and positivity.