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The nation is known for its diversity, heritage, history, and hospitality and people ready to share the rich culture of their nation with visitors. India has many monuments and must visits and one such is India golden tour. This tour has three destinations Jaipur in the state Rajasthan, Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Delhi, which is the capital of the country.

Rajasthan is the sole state in the ation where one can encounter desserts and hot noon and chilly nights. UP shares borders with both Delhi as well as Rajasthan so the tour starts either from Jaipur or from Delhi. Although every place in the nation is worthy of a visit but visiting every place is next to impossible for a person with a mainstream job or business so golden tour makes the best utilization of the short trip which ensures memories and experiences which one can cherish for a lifetime.

If the tour starts at Delhi the visitors will get a pickup on arrival at the airport and sightseeing are done on the day or the next day of arrival according to the comfort of the visitor .Major tourist attraction in the capital are India gate, Lotus temple, Qutub Minar , Jama musjid (mosque), president house, parliament house and some famous local bazzars(markets). Lotus temple is about 113 feet high and is made to shape like a white lotus due to use of white marble from Penteli mountains in Greece and awarded by CNN the most visited building in the world in 2001. India gate is a arch which has names of all the martyr of Indo-pak war of 1971 carved and a Amar Jawan Jyoti which is a fire lit up in there remembrance.

Qutub minar is worlds highest minaret which is 239 feet high and was constructed in 1192 by Qutub-Ub-Din-Aibak the founder of Delhi Sultanate. Jama Masjid is a mosque where muslim devotees offer their prayers completed in 1656 AD with 3 great gates,4 towers and 40 minarets .It can accommodate upto 25000 people at once. Although it is a mosque but people of all other religious believes visit Jama masjid .

Next destination is city of Agra which has Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonder in the world. Delhi to Agra is about 4 hour drive journey via the Delhi-Agra expressway. Taj Mahal is a mausoleum made of ivory white marble stone made by king Shah Jahan the fifth ruler of the Mughal dynasty which ruled the state of India for little over three centuries in memory of his twentieth wife Mumtaz Mahal .The main monument is about 240 feet high and the upper tomb like structure resembles a onion due to which it is also called onion dome. Constructed by about 22000 laborers for more than two decade is the live proof of richness of medieval time India in the area of architecture and planning ,the boundaries of Taj are spread over 17 yards and has well maintained garden and a mosque in the enclosed area. The mosque is known as the Kau Ban mosque which is the place of worship for Muslims.

Taj Mahal is closed for normal visitor on Fridays as muslim devotees offer prayer called Jumma on Fridays. People generally from within or outside the country visit city of Agra predominantly to see the Taj but unlike normal belief of people Agra can be explored through street walk ,market exploration and other unusual activities if time is no constraint .For people planning longer tours visiting the city of Fatehpur Sikri about twenty miles from Agra is recommended .Built by emporer Akbar the third ruler of Mughal dynasty and was initially the capital which was later shifted to Agra due to scarcity in Fatehpur. Although it is a small city but offers a good sight seen experience as it has the bigger Jama mosque same as the one in Delhi and other fort and palaces which belonged to officials of that time as it was once the capital . Day trip to Agra from New Delhi is best way to see the places in case you have time constraints

Finally visitor reach Jaipur which justifies its name the pink city as majority of the old buildings have various shades of pink on the exterior which cannot get unnoticed upon arriving in the city. Like other cities it also has many places which deserve a visit like City palace, Hawa Mahal, observatory, Amber fort and Water palace .City palace was built between 1729 to 1732 by Jai Singh II the ruler of Amber .It has astonishing designs which demonstrate the variation in architecture within a short distance between buildings of same era. Hawa Mahal or Wind Palace has a design such that it has many small windows which leads to strong cool winds inside the monument even if the pace of wind is not very strong outside .Observatory or the Jantar Mantar is a structure which was used to determine time in the era when there were no watches and one such identical structure is in Delhi also. Amber fort is situated in city of Amber about seven miles from Jaipur and is declared as a world heritage sight by UNESCO .Constructed by red sandstone it has a Sukh Niwas which has a technology of creating artificial coolness through winds which can be compared to modern day centralized temperature regulators in buildings which is the proof of advancement of the science in medieval India and it also houses Sheesh Mahal or mirror palace.


Taj Mahal Travel Guide for Foreign Visitors


There are various top travel destinations in India that attract foreign visitors or tourists towards it. If you are a foreigner and planning to visit India, you should first know about the tourist destinations, tourist attractions and historical monuments to visit. It is observed that most of the visitors from abroad surely love visiting the most beautiful structure in the world i.e. Taj Mahal in Agra. Are you also planning to witness the great beauty of this historical monument? If yes, then you should go through stated below guide on determining Agra tour.

Starting Point
When you decide to visit the most visited tourist attraction in India, you should first know about the starting point. It is observed that most of the foreign visitors first land to Delhi. So, most of the international tourists prefer starting their journey from the capital city. You arent supposed to be an exception. Therefore, if you have already reached to Delhi, it is imperative to choose a travel plan that not only helps you exploring the beauty of Agra but also other cities such as Delhi and Rajasthan. For instance, if you choose Golden Triangle travel plan, you can be able to cover three major tourist locations in India i.e. Delhi, Rajasthan and Agra.

Consider Transportation
Importance of transport cant be ignored whether you start your journey from Delhi or somewhere else in India. Therefore, before making a concluding choice, you should first know about adequate transportation. However, there are different types of transportation facilities available in India, but you need to choose a right one according to your budget and needs. For instance, if you want to reach your desired tourist destination within a short span of time, you should determine plane journey. There are various travel agencies that can help you choosing right transportation to reach Agra to witness the mesmerizing beauty of Taj Mahal. It is a fact that if you want to enjoy a hurdle-free journey, you should first choose a right transport.

What Are the Additional Tourist Attractions?
However, it is true that you want to visit the most visited travel destination in India, but it doesnt mean that you wont like to visit additional tourist attractions situated in and around Agra. For instance, while visiting to Agra, you may also explore the beauty of Agra fort, historical places in Fatehpur Sikri and various other tourist destinations in Uttar Pradesh.

Accommodation Needed
It is seen that most of international tourists find it difficult to know about a right accommodation. Therefore, it is highly advised that before starting your journey towards India, you should first avail the services of a right tour and travel agency in India. A right travel agency can arrange a good tourist hot
el in Agra. Whether you are looking for an expensive luxury hotel or a budget hotel for international tourists in Agra, you can easily find out plenty of choices to determine.

In concise, it can be calculated that if you choose a right travel agency, you can easily make your Taj Mahal visit a great experience of your life.

Delhi Agra Train

There are two good trains available that could be useful especially for tourists. One of them is Shatabdi Express and the other one is Taj Express. Shatabdi is much more comfortable than the Taj Express. Entire train (Shatabdi Express) is air-conditioned. Two type of seats are there in the train, air-conditioned chair car and 1st class executive. Photo of the both the classes available here below:


The second option before tourist is Taj Express. While this train is not as fast and as good as the Shatabdi one. But still air-conditioned chair car seats are quite fine.

Photo of the train is available here


More info.

Shatabdi Express – Delhi to Agra: A/c chair car – Rs. 455/each | A/c 1st class – Rs. 900/each

Timings – Depart: 0600hrs, Arrival Agra: 0755hrs

Station: New Delhi in Delhi, Agra Cantt in Agra


Taj Express – Delhi to Agra: A/c char car – Rs. 300/each  | Ordinary class – Rs. 120/each

Timings – Depart: 0700hrs, Arrival Agra: 1000hrs

Stations: Nizamuddin in Delhi, Agra Cantt. in Agra


Traveller could  online book tickets through Indian Railways or IRCTC website using net banking or credit card.

Website Address – or


Above are the best trains but if two doesn’t solve your purpose, here are some more train to Agra from Delhi:

Hirakund Express – 0810/1145 Hours

Samta Express – 0840/1130 Hours

Mngla Express – 0920/1220 Hours

Goa Express – 1505/1745 Hours

AP Express – 1730/2037 Hours

G T Express – 1840/2145 Hours

Bhopal Express – 2100/2335 Hours

Round one day trip to Taj Mahal from Delhi

Taj Mahal WalpaperDo you have one extra day available in Delhi. There are many places you can travel with reasonable distance. One of them is Taj Mahal. Many options available to access to Agra, Taj Mahal & you can choose best one depending upon your interest. Here we discuss available alternatives for Day trip to Taj Mahal from Delhi. Advance booking always save time & less stressful .

1. Delhi to Taj Mahal by train: Travelling to Taj Mahal from Delhi is quick & less hectic. Best speed train available is Shatabdi Express, takes less than two hours. Second best train is Taj Express takes almost three hours. One can book the tickets via Informative Travels or directly through Indian Railways. While travelling there is only one stoppage (Mathura) between Delhi to Agra Cantt. station. Once you reach Agra station, you have option to do sightseeing by car & by coach. On return Shatabadi Express leaves at 2030hrs and arrive Delhi at 2230hrs. Taj Express starts Agra by 1900hrs & arrive Delhi at 2200hrs.  For booking this trip – visit here

Pros: More time for sightseeing & less hectic.
Cons: Longer day, early start.

2. Delhi to Taj Mahal by car: Travelling by car with chauffeur is next available alternative. Route is direct through highway no 2. One way would cost you four and half hours. It can be longer if traffic gets worsen. For booking this trip – visit here

Pros: Require more time for intercity travel.
Cons: Flexible.

3. New Delhi to Taj Mahal by bus: Likewise car bus is also an option. Many tour operator running service from Delhi. Almost all include pickup & drop off services. Bus also takes around four and half hours depending upon the traffic.

Pros: Require more time for intercity travel.
Cons: Flexible.

4. Delhi to Taj Mahal by flight: There is no flight available for Agra. Kingfisher airlines operates only in peak season time. In a way, chance of getting flight to Taj Mahal is remote. But group of people can hire chartered plane for Agra.

Pros: Quick.
Cons: Early start & check-in formalities at airport.


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